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De Lukss bakingdumplings
Ingredients: dumplings filling (50%), dough (50%).
Dumplings filling ingredients: Pork, pork bacon, drinking water, dried onions, salt, sugar, spices.
Dough ingredients: Top-grade flour, drinking water, egg mass, salt, olive oil.

Weight of one packing: 0.400 kg
Realization term 180 days.
Packed in protective cap.
Keep the product at tº: -18 ºC
Food value in 100g: 10.4 g. tauku (of which saturates 2.1 g.), 32.8 g. carbohydrates (of which sugars 0.8 g.), 12.3 g. proteins, 0.2 g. fibre, 1.0 g salt.
Power value: 1162 kJ/278 kCal
Code: 226.012
Barcode: 4751004652936

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