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Krodzini grill sausages ClassiC
Ingredients: beef, lard, pork, water, pork skin, mehanically seperated chiken, salt, spices and extracts of spices
Filled  in natural cover
Weight of one packing: 0,385 kg; 2,000 kg
Realization term 21 days
Packed in protective cap
Keep the product at tº: +2ºC - +6 ºC
Food value in 100g:15,8g protein, 25,1g fat, 2,1g carbohydrates
Power value 297kCal/1241,46kJ
Code: 3121002 (0,385 kg); 3032013 (2,000 kg)
Barcode: 4751004651465 (0,385 kg); 723420 (2,000 kg)
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